We help children and young people with a range of diagnosed health conditions. Find out about those we support here. 


Frequently asked questions

How can we help you? 

  • We will pay up to £500 for an initial assessment if there is a pre diagnosis confirmed.
  • We can reimburse for any costs when you are due to travel so you are able to book the most suitable travel and accommodation that suit your family’s needs.
  • We cannot pay for anything available to your child elsewhere, for example from the NHS or Social Services.
  • We do not support funding towards holidays or breaks. 

Yes. We recognise there are many different healthcare conditions, some lesser known than others, so please give the team a call to discuss your circumstances and we will be very happy to help and work with you. 

  • We don't support ABA Therapy, a therapy associated with the management of Autism. 
  • We don't support Cell Therapies, also known as Stem Cell therapies, unless part of a clinical trial in the UK or abroad. We work closely with the UK Stem Cell Foundation and are kept up-to-date of developments within this area. 

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