Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Tree of Hope are committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion to deliver equity of access to our services and brand for disabled and other vulnerable children and young people within the communities we provide support to. 

Our Commitment to EDI

Tree of Hope are committed to EDI, promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion to promote and deliver equality of access to our services and brand for disabled and other vulnerable children and young people within the community. This can be broken down into the following aims:

  • To ensure fair fundraising opportunities for all our families and build ongoing, long-lasting relationships with people from minoritised communities.
  • To provide an open and inclusive culture when communicating with families, suppliers, supporters and staff.
  • To challenge harmful stereotypes and become aware of unconscious bias.
  • To increase our understanding of a diverse range of cultural festivals and customs to provide more relevant and targeted fundraising plans and to inspire new fundraising avenues.
  • To achieve a more representative and inclusive Tree of Hope family.

EDI Vision

Our vision is that all children can get the help they need, regardless of their race or background and so recognising and understanding inequality in our society and championing equality in its place, is therefore integral to our mission.

The actions Tree of Hope is taking to ensure that EDI is a key part of both what we do and how we work.

In 2022-2023 Tree of Hope has:

  1. Reviewed plan and policy progress – this can be downloaded below.
  2. Ongoing training and awareness development for staff and trustees.
  3. Reviewed our marketing and branding for EDI effectiveness.
  4. Report and reviewed data to know where we are right now to determine what we need to do and how we will get there.
  5. Developed a calendar of EDI activities and events and resources where we are active in supporting EDI and what we can do more in the future to continue this.

In 2023-2024 Tree of Hope looks to:

Continue to build on and develop everything that is already in progress but to also:

  1. Work with others in the sector to assess our practices and critically review and develop.
  2. Continue to search and be part of events in communities that we can be, with the help of volunteers.
  3. Conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Audit in 2024.

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