How To Raise Money

There are many different ways to raise the funds you need, we are here to help you discover ways that work for you.

Here are some top tips to consider!

We are Here to Help

Using Tree of Hope as a banner to fundraise with, gives donors confidence and trust that they are donating to a registered charity and can encourage others to donate and could help get corportaes on board and present new opportunities. We also have merchandise and marketing materials families can use for events and fundraisers, so please contact the team if we can assist in any way. 

Asking for Support in Varied Ways

Asking for support, help, donations or volunteers is never the easiest thing but being open about your child's story often increases the help families receive. Using social media platforms to build a community and educate your audience about your circumstances and the difference their help can make, will help to spur on donations as well as other offers of support. Whether you're looking to take on a challenge event, make grant applications, plan a gala dinner or look for ways to tap up your local community or even approach businesses and corporates, our Parent Pack is full of ideas and guidance we can assist with, just et in touch with us if you need any advice. 

Share the Load

There are lots of ways of asking for support and you may find supporters want to fundraise for you. Our fundraising pages have a ‘Fundraise for this child’ so they can start fundraising themselves which will go towards your target. Delegating roles and responsibilities will help make the fundraising an enjoyable experience. Please get in touch to ask us more about this. 

Tax Efficient Ways of Giving

Gift Aid increases donations by an extra 25% which could add a real boost to your campaign, as for every £1 donated, 25p is donated from HMRC. Always ensure you pass on a Gift Aid or Sponsorship form to your supporters where applicable.

Corporates also benefit by giving to a registered cause so your Tree of Hope registration makes it easier for businesses to donate and support.

Our Parent Pack ensures you have all the right information once you've onboarded and our team can provide any explanations and answer questions wherever needed. 

Keep in Touch

Our friendly team are here to help guide and give advice wherever we can, so if you have a question or you're feeling stuck, we're here to help. We also provide lots of resources which are helpful in getting you organised and are contactable via phone, email and video calling should you need to chat to us and ensure you're never alone on your fundraising journey. 

Our Fundraising Stars

Here are some of our fundraising inspirations and challenges to help you consider and plan for your fundraising. We have hundreds of examples so the team are here to chat to if you have anything specific in mind or need any help with how to get started. 

Claire's Half Marathon

Claire Rea ran the Crystal Palace Half Marathon in March, raising over £2000 for us, how amazing!... Read more

Ava's Fundraising Ball

Ava's Family organised an epic fundraising ball to raise money for an adapted car, a stair climber... Read more

Tough Mudder for Matthew and Lucy

Over 200 people took part in a Tough Mudder, organised by Maximus Gym, to raise money for Twins... Read more

Emma's Skydive for Grace

Emma Allen took a leap of faith when she jumped out of a plane to raise funds for her friend's... Read more

Andy's Advent Challenge

Andrew Williams ran 4-miles every single day from 1st - 25th December, totalling over 100-miles in... Read more

Effie's Shopping Night!

Effie's community pulled together and and sold second hand items all in support of Effie's campaign which raised £5000!

Diwali Mela for Ansh

The first large scale public Diwali, Festival of Lights event was held in Southampton and was a... Read more

Gatta PLC Snowdon Hike

A team from Gatta PLC took time out to climb Snowdon in support of Arthur Morgan's campaign and raised over £11,000 !

Cricket Fundraising Day!

Congrtulations to Tess' family who held a Cricket Fundraising Day in aid of Tess' Tree of Hope campaign and raised over £10,000 for vital equipment and therapies. They are looking forward to a second event in 2024!

The Hope Pub's Ultra Challenge!

Thanks to the team at The Hope Pub in East Sussex who took on the London2Brighton Action Challenge in support of us. They walked 100km in an epic time of 28 hours and raised over £6000 for us at the same time!

Fundraising with Tree of Hope


We Claim Gift Aid

All campaigns are eligible for tax relief where donations can be eligible for 25% in gift aid, helping families to reach their targets quicker and efficiently.


Marketing Support

We provide marketing, social media, branding & PR support to maximise your child's campaign reach and support potential.


Registered Charity Status

We provide the assurance of registered charity status to help legitimise a family’s campaign, increasing fundraising success.


1-2-1 Support

Our dedicated team of Family Support Officers provide practical support and guidance to all our families so you’re never on your own,

Our Impact

With over 30 years’ experience, we have helped thousands of families and have grown to meet increasing demand. Read our latest impact report to be inspired and find out more about our journey.


Children helped

£1.2 million

Raised in the last year

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

We recognise fundraising is a big undertaking and is a personal decision. This is where Tree of Hope can really add value as you won't ever be on your own.

We take time to get to know your family, your support networks, the area you live, the connections you could explore and opportunities untapped and create tailored fundraising action plans to help your fundraising on it's merry way.

We encourage families to stay in touch and keep us updated throughout their fundraising journey, so we know where help is required and when. 

Yes. Tree of Hope provide a tailored fundraising service and provide a registered charity status, providing greater a fundraising return. One of the main benefits is Gift Aid which more than covers the small fee we charge to run our family support service.

Crowdfunding on other sites as an individual will NOT enable you to claim gift aid and cover fees in this way or provide reassurance to donors that their money will be used for the purpose it was originally donated for. Tree of Hope provides confidence and support to families to enable them to reach their targets, quicker. 

Partnering with Tree of Hope gives families access to the following benefits, making fundraising more efficient and effective:

  • Claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK taxpayers (adding 25% to the value of the donation)
  • Eligibility for corporate donations
  • Have donations increased with match funding
  • Reassure donors their money is safe and will be used to benefit your child
  • Access potential grants from trusts and foundations
  • Set up a fundraising site via a registered charity to send out virally to your supporters

Tree of Hope also supports families by:

  • Making fundraising tools and advice available to them via weekly fundraising tips and advice on email and via our Family Support Facebook group
  • Managing funds and paying invoices for operations, therapists and equipment to ensure donors know for sure that the money is going where it is supposed to go and taking away administrative duties so you can focus on your family
  • As a nationally-known charity, we are able to give greater marketing exposure to campaigns via website, social media, PR opportunities

We require families to truly partner with us and make the most of our charity and what we have to offer for you to get the very best out of your fundraising with us. Having our charity number attached to you cause does open you  up to lots of funding opportunities and there are ways to help lighten the load. Try not to think about the target in its entirety. This can be off-putting and demotivating. Set yourself bitesize targets and involve those around you and create a mini fundraising committee and assign tasks. Remember we can help too so if you need a hand or advice, we are here to speak to as well. 

We have seen hundreds of successful campaigns over the years and the campaigns that tend to be the most successful are the ones that:

  • Have help from family and friends 
  • Use social media and PR to market their campaign to wider audiences
  • Have support from their local communities 
  • Actively partner with Tree of Hope and make use of the charity benefits and work with us so we know what you need to support your campaigning. We love keeping in touch with families to see how they are getting on. 

We Are Here to Support You and Your Family