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Lucy Air Ambulance

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is the only charity in the UK that flies children to hospital by aeroplane. This ensures children can receive the specialist care and treatment they need, wherever they are in the UK. Our service is required when transfer by NHS road ambulance or helicopter would either be impractical or harmful to the child’s health.

Every child’s needs are different but using aeroplanes gives us the flexibility to fly children with a variety of health conditions, including cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiac and respiratory illnesses, premature birth and children with no diagnosis due to the rarity of their illness. Our pressurised cabins can support children with breathing difficulties, we can fly at sea level to ensure less pressure on a child’s brain, our aircraft can provide an infection-free environment for children post-surgery and there is always space for parents to accompany their child which we know is important during such a difficult time for families. We are also the only UK charity who has our own intensive care flight-ready incubator which enables babies to be moved long distances to neonatal intensive care units.

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