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Kallie Takes First Steps After SDR procedure!

Kallie's Hope. SDR

Kallie has congenital heart disease and cerebral palsy. In the last year brave Kallie has undergone many surgeries, including SDR (Selective dorsal rhizotomy) to help her heart and her cerebral palsy to ensure she will be able to live the most fulfilling and independent life possible.

Kallie and her family joined Tree of Hope in 2016 and launched the ‘Kallie’s Hope’ campaign to raise £40,000 for Kallie’s SDR. SDR is a procedure for patients with cerebral palsy. The procedure includes cutting the nerves in the lower back to reduce spasticity (muscle stiffness) and enable children (and also adults) to become more mobile and hopefully walk independently one day.

After lots of hard fundraising events and challenges from her friends and family, as well as support from AutoTrader UK and the Stars Foundation, Kallie’s Hope hit its target.

Eight weeks ago Kallie had her SDR operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is already up on her feet and making a huge splash back in the swimming pool (her favourite thing to do, so much so her dream is to be a Paralympic swimmer). Storming ahead, after just seven weeks Kallie has also taken her first steps with tripods at physiotherapy centre, Kids Physio Works and is now able to swim a whole length of the pool . With huge developments being made, we hear she is keeping everybody very busy!

Kallie is continuing to work really hard with her NHS physiotherapist each week and also with her private physiotherapists at Kids Physio Works to ensure she is developing the best she can. Her determination is admirable!

Kallie’s mum Charlie, is hoping that by the end of the Kallie’s intense therapy week in October that’s he will not only be walking but will have the ability to stand unaided too.

You can read Kallie’s story here

Watch Kallie taking her first steps below

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