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Tree of Hope is here for families when there is nowhere else to turn for their child’s medical care.

Unfortunately, the UK healthcare system cannot fund everything that a seriously ill or disabled child may need. On average it can cost three times to raise a disabled child, than one without a disability. With this in mind Tree of Hope helps you to fundraise for your child’s specialist medical care, treatment, therapy and equipment.

Generally, we can pay out for medical treatment, therapy, equipment, house adaptations, sensory gardens and contributions towards adapted cars. However, this list is not exhaustive and despite us having to ensure we are always following or charitable objective, it can expand widely depending on each child’s needs.

It doesn’t stop there, we can also assist with travel expenses when travelling to and from treatment, plus the cost of accommodation and living expenses when staying away from home.


We can pay out for various pieces of equipment including things like tripods, trikes, sensory toys, hydrotherapy pools, vehicle adaptions (limited amount) and wheelchairs that will benefit your child’s medical needs. Occasionally, if a piece of equipment is not directly medical related we may ask that a health professional in your child’s care certifies to us that it will be beneficial for your child’s development.


There are various types of therapy out there that children can benefit from whether it is physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy, ABA therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and more, even if they are new therapies to Tree of Hope.

However, as our children’s safety is at the heart of our organisation we do ensure thorough checks are done with every supplier who must complete our Supplier Application Form and be approved before we can pay an invoice.


This covers anything from specialist cancer treatment to SDR and plagiocephaly treatment as long as approved by us.

Home Adaptations

Many of our families endure huge benefits from making adaptations to the home that will make their child’s life easier, reduce pain and discomfort, enable the child to be more independent and be included in day to day family life. Adaptations include anything from ramps, to sensory rooms, therapy room’s specialist baths, hoists, lifts and beyond.

Lewis Testimonial

You can see here lots of our partner suppliers. This list is not by any means exhaustive but these are suppliers we often work closely with.

Every child’s case is different and we want to help you wherever we can. If you have any questions about what we could help you raised funds for or would like to discuss starting your fundraising campaign please contact Georgie or Lee in our Family Support Team on 01892 579250 or via

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