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Tree of Hope is a crowdfunding charity for parents and families with children who have healthcare needs. Whether your child has a medical condition or is disabled, we offer a fundraising framework to help fund specialist treatment, therapy and equipment otherwise not freely available via the UK healthcare system.

If you’re in need of assistance, call our friendly families team on 01892 535525 and find out how to get started raising money to support your child.

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How We Help Families

We are a crowdfunding charity helping you to fundraise to cover the costs of vital therapies and treatment for your child. When you have a Tree of Hope campaign, you are fundraising under a registered charity, which comes with countless advantages over fundraising alone. Find out more about how we help families just like yours.

Guides for Parents

For a parent of a disabled or unwell child, we know that it’s never easy to keep up with the jargon. The numerous long words describing symptoms, illnesses and treatments can be overwhelming while also trying to care for your son or daughter. We’ve created simple guides on a number of common conditions and treatments to help you understand exactly the affliction and how the proposed treatment will help. These include:


What We Can Help Fundraise For

As parents, you are in control of your child’s fundraising campaign and we hold the money in trust, restricted to help your child only. We authorise payments for services such as:

  • Medical treatment, including operations and drug treatment
  • Therapy for medical conditions
  • Travel and accommodation for your child and family attending centres far from home
  • Equipment to help your child manage or overcome his or her disability
  • Modifications to your home or vehicle to make them easier for your child to use

The Legal Bit

Tree of Hope’s Charity Commission registration allows us to support your child up until his/her 25th birthday. Inevitably, a child’s needs will change and develop over time, and it is part of Tree of Hope’s mission to support your child from infancy and well into early adulthood.

Tree of Hope does not receive any funds from the Government or the NHS. Our core operating costs are funded partly from fundraising we conduct for the charity as a whole and from donations by corporate organisations and trusts. However, this is not enough to meet the full cost which is why we allocate 7.5% of the funds you raise to our core running costs. This is less than many other charities retain and it is essential to ensure the future sustainability of Tree of Hope.

Find out more information in our Parents Charter.

Tree of Hope Parent Pack

Find out how Tree of Hope’s years of expertise can support you with your fundraising journey with our latest Parent Pack, which includes:

  • Event fundraising advice and guidance from our experienced Fundraising Manager.
  • Information on how to access trust and foundation grants, which you can only do with registered charities like Tree of Hope.
  • How to attract corporate support and match funding donations.
  • How to make the most of your donations.
  • Advice and support on using social media to reach a wider audience. 
  • Professional PR Advice when you need it, and support for you to approach your local media.

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Shortened Parent Pack

We have created a Parent Pack that will help you understand what Tree of Help can support you with. If you are interested in what Tree of Hope can offer you with your fundraising campaign please fill out the details below to receive our parent pack.


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