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Hello my name is Aiden and I live in Cambridge. I am 16 months old and have just been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

I was born ten weeks early on 1 January 2010 along with my twin brother and we spent a total of 8 weeks in both intensive and special care. Mum took me in for a routine follow up appointment in March this year and that is when she was told I had Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy affects every individual in a completely different way and no two people are the same. I have Bilateral Spastic Hemiplegia which means I have stiffness in my right arm and leg and also to a lesser extent in my left leg. My mum carries out all of my physio each day, stretching my arms and legs and making sure I don’t lose any range of movement. I am not mobile and am a little unbalanced which means that I cannot play with my brother or friends as much as I would like.

My mum and dad want to give me every opportunity to lead a full life so they are trying to raise funds for treatments for me.

The first treatment mum and dad are trying to get me is intensive physio with the Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy. A three week intensive course here costs £3,800.

When I turn two my mum and dad will be contacting Dr Park at the St Louis Childrens Hospital in Missouri, USA. Dr Park is a Neurosurgeon who specialises in a procedure call Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. This operation involves finding the bad nerves in my spine and cutting them which will remove the spasticity in my legs and should enable me to walk independently.The cost of this operation is approximately £40,000.

Following this operation I will need intensive physiotherapy for at least 18 months. One year of rehabilitation physio with the Footsteps Centre in Oxford costs approximately £9,000.

Hopefully with the help of you all we will be able to raise enough money to get me the additional physio and treatment I need to enable me to keep up with my brother!

So please dig deep and donate.

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