Gabriella's Trust

Gabriella has Cerebral Palsy and throughout her life, has relied on therapies and equipment to help her mobility. Bella cannot walk and relies on regular medication to prevent seizures as she also suffers from epilepsy.

We’ve been supporting Gabriella’s family for a number of years to support her ad help her thrive as she has grown. The equipment Bella’s family has been able to access since being with Tree of Hope has made an incredible difference to the whole family with Bella being able to join in with their active family lifestyle.

We helped Bella’s family to fundraise for a hydrotherapy pool during the pandemic. Hydrotherapy helps Bella to stretch and exercise and works with her physio making it even more effective.

"Before Tree of Hope, we tried to do and fund everything ourselves which was a struggle. We’ve also got two other children so there was always an element of guilt in what we had to provide for Gabriella and the amount we spent on a monthly basis, so that was always quite tough. We’ve been really fortunate with the support we’ve had since we registered with Tree of Hope, from family, friends, people we know choosing Gabriella as their beneficiaries for various events, it’s all just been a massive piece of mind that there has been this facility supporting us, it’s been amazing."

Melonie De’Gregorio, Gabriella's mum

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