Sidney Cooke

At four-months-old Sidney was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1, a genetic neuromuscular condition which causes muscle weakness and wasting due to the loss of motor neurons, so Sidney needs ongoing therapy, mobility equipment and all-important home adaptations to give him the best quality of life!

Sidney was diagnosed with type 1 SMA, which makes day-to-day life challenging for the whole family. Sidney was given Zolgensma at four and a half months old, but the condition has affected his muscles, his movement all over, his breathing and his swallowing. Sidney sleeps with a ventilator at night, so his parents are constantly on high alert listening out for his alarms to make sure he is safe. Sidney is unable to sit, weight bear and his condition has left him physically disabled. Sidney’s family are fundraising with Tree of Hope for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions which are helping to build his muscles, as well as vital house adaptations as these aren’t covered by the council DFG.  

Already, Sidney has gained the ability to sit up and has also started to do some standing with the help of orthotics, so they know it is paying off. The family have recently begun working with Tree of Hope to fundraise for Sidney’s needs. 

“The great thing about Tree of Hope is that anyone who donates have the reassurance that all the money is spent directly on the child, so it takes away the stress of worrying about what people think of your fundraising. It’s just a more official platform so that people know that the money is being spent correctly.” 

Sophie Cooke, Sidney's mum

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