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Hello, my name is Will, I am 4 years old. I live half the week with my mummy Michaela and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my Daddy James.

I have a baby sister called Amber and a dog called Bella.

I have Cerebral Palsy, this means my legs are special, and I have to do stretching exercises every day with mummy and daddy.

When I was born (11 days early) we didn’t know I had Cerebral Palsy, but when I was about 7 months old mummy noticed my feet weren’t as straight as my friends, and when I was 12 months I still couldn’t sit up very steady, even though I really tried my best!

Mummy took me to the doctors and they asked us to go and see a man at the hospital. He said I had Cerebral Palsy. None of us knew what that was really, but they did say I would never be able to crawl properly, or walk. Ahahaha silly people, look what I can do now!

I learnt to crawl when I was 18 months old. Mischief became my nickname! I could do everything, turn the TV off and on, empty my toys all over the floor, everything was so fun!

Around about this time I also got my first frame, to help me walk. It was a white one and a bit boring looking until we decorated it with lots of stickers! I found this frame a bit hard to use because it didn’t have swively wheels at the front, so I could only go forward, which was annoying!
Eventually Mummy and Daddy sorted it out and I got a new one. This one was gold, and its front wheels moved, we called it my wiggly wheels. I quickly learnt to walk much better with this one. Even better still when I got my first pair of splints.

It takes a very long time for new splints to arrive! They have to put plaster round your legs and use a special pen to draw lines on them, and the moulds get sent to a special place where they are made. I got to choose a pattern for my splints, I wanted skull and Crossbones!

Up until I was about 3, I talked using my hands, Makaton like Mr Tumble on Something Special on the TV. Then one day I learnt a new word, the next day another one, and another until I just got bored with signing and now I talk properly all the time! Mummy thinks I need a volume switch sometimes!

I mostly talk about Bin Lorries. They are my favourite thing in the whole world! And I know everything about them. Daddy and I are collecting as many Bin Lorry toys as we possibly can, and he shows me videos of them on you-tube!

I started nursery school last year, and I love it! I have a lady who comes with me to help, as sometimes my frame gets stuck and I need a hand, plus she helps me use the bathroom! I like her, her name is Lou.

I am now in the reception class, this means I have to stay in school all day! Even have my lunch there, Mummy and Daddy said it isn’t the same at home without me, but I’m not bothered, I get to play with all my friends although I do miss Amber and Bella!

I now walk with a red frame, I can walk much further these days, especially if Daddy takes me to a toy shop, that’s my favourite. But sometimes I do get tired, and then I use my wheelchair, I am learning to push it by myself, but it is hard work. We are waiting for a new one to arrive from the hospital, I insisted on having a yellow one, even though mummy thought red would be better.

Mummy and Daddy have been telling me about an operation that I could have in America.

It will mean I don’t have to wear my splints everyday, which I don’t like because I would love to be able to wear wellies and other different shoes like all my friends, but best of all it would mean I would not have to do as many stretching exercises. This would be the best thing ever because I really don’t like doing these, its boring and sometimes it hurts. AND…It will mean I can go faster in my wheels and have a practise with some quad sticks!

I would also really like to learn to walk with crutches, which I will be able to do after this operation and that would be amazing!

I also would get to go on an aeroplane.. That would be cool!

Thanks to the Tree of Hope Children’s Charity’s support it may happen soon.

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