Bens First Steps

Please help us raise £60000 because Ben now needs post op care after funding his SDR

Hi I'm Ben and I'm 11. In May 2018 I had my life changing SDR operation at Bristol thanks to you. Your fundraising allowed Mum to pay Bristol for my SDR and since then we've been using the money to cover my private physio. 

Ive got a new trike which means I can go out with my brother on bike rides. Mum says its great physio for me, but its just fun, although I need a rest afterwards!

My physio Sam is so pleased with me, I use my sticks to get around and I use my wheelchair for longer distances. I have also managed to keep my muscles stretched so exercises like half kneeling that I've always struggled with  I can now do! 

I'm also in a new secondary main stream school and I've already taken part in the Festival of disability sports. I'm as active as I can be thanks to the fundraising allowing my physio to continue. Without it, I'd be stuck in the chair all the time. Unfortunately I do have scoliosis so my physio is more important than ever. The more I'm active and supported with therapists, the better my life will be. And we still need your help to continue this. 

If you can help by raising some pennies, please contact us. Every penny really does help me. 

Mum says:

Thank you. Part one, the operation was done in Bristol Children's Hospital on 18th May 2018.

Now we are down to the last £200 and we need your help with part two. I've stretched the fundraising money over 5 years by keeping our private physio to once a month and getting his daily physio done at home and school. It's worked, but now, with his Scoliosis, I need the continued support of his physio to ensure we are doing all we can to keep the deterioration of his Spine to as slow a rate as possible. I want him to have an active childhood and he's so determined, another school locally has asked him to join them in a few PE sessions to encourage others. 

The SDR was so successful, he doesn't have any spasms and tightness, he can walk with sticks and he joins in all school life. Unfortunately we haven't had many physio sessions from the NHS, on average, a couple of hands on sessions a year. So more fundraising is vital. But im also aware how hard life is for everyone right now. All I ask is, if you are doing something like an organised run or want a reason to take part in something or takenon a challenge, consider raising some pennies for Ben. 

As always, we are veing supported by the amazing charity Tree of Hope  who hold our funds and pay our physio directly. The funds may also be used to support Ben with any equipment he may need. 

Thank you so much for your continued support 

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