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2019 TOH genuine bags

As of Monday 4th January, SOS Clothes Ltd will be resuming clothing collections as normal during the current situation. Please rest assured that staff will be adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of the public, as well as our collectors.

SOS Clothes LTD have been part of the Tree of Hope team for nearly a decade now. They distribute charity bags and collect unwanted clothes nationwide (including Scotland and Wales) on our behalf. The collections are licenced in specific areas all over the UK, which are issued by the Councils so look out for them through your door – They look like the picture above!

What can you donate in the bags?

Good condition reusable clothing, paired shoes/footwear, fashion accessories (handbags, hats, scarves, belts, light jewellery), bric-a-brac (small ornaments, unwanted gifts, souvenirs), soft toys, toiletries/perfumes (even if partially used) and towels.

How to spot a bogus collection bag?

Look carefully on the bag for the charity registration number men. The charity’s contact details can be obtained from their website and the registration number can be checked on the Charity Commission website:

The use of printed plastic collection bags used to be an indication that the collector was likely to be genuine.  However, bags are now cheap to produce – and bogus collectors are using them, so this is a poor guide as to whether they’re genuine or not, but if the quality of the print isn’t sharp or the bag is displaying a dated logo or design (for example) this may indicate that the bag isn’t genuine.

Other warning signs to look out for: Wording, poor spelling, similar charity name (eg. Trees of Hope), punctuation or grammar mistakes usually make it more likely that the bag isn’t genuine.

Tree of Hope are currently trialling leaflets/stickers as an alternative to bags, however, if you are ever in doubt about the legitimacy of a charity bag or of a collection that is taking place in your area, always contact the charity directly to verify this.

How much do SOS Clothes raise each year for Tree of Hope?

SOS Clothes raise an incredible £40,000 per year that comes directly into Tree of Hope to enable us to support more and more families.

If you have any question, queries, or would like to organise a collection please contact Sam or via 01708 685073.



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