Mighty Malaya Rose

Continuing from our amazingly successful fundraising achievements in 2019, allowing Malaya to have SDR at Bristol royal childrens hospital, we have managed to stretch the money we raises far and wide for the past 4 years covering Malayas physiotherapy, mobility equipment, specialist other equipment and oppertunities for her to live life as 'nnormally' as possible. Unfortunately the unrelenting assault of Cerebral Palsy is constantly creating new challenges and presenting us with different obsticles to over come.

With deminishing funds and increasing costs for therapy and equipment we are seeking the help of some amazingly dedicated individuals to help us afford Malaya the best care possible! 

In May 2023 Malaya had major hip surgery and is currently in a phase of recovery, with a slow progression back to 'normality' all be it with a new shiny metal plate in her hip! 

Further surgeries are to follow, the most notible of which will be a full spinal fusion for her Scoliosis. This will once again require a lengthy recovery process and re affirm the physiotherapy processes we have been so dedicated too! 

Life with Cerebral Palsy is a contant battle for Malaya and she has an amazing way of taking it all in her stride, focused on her freinds, family, singing, playing and looking forward to opportunities she gets to explore learn and play.

Please if you can, help support us in keeping this young positive girl smiling and progressing! Every single penny i accounted for by the TREE OF HOPE, non profit charity and goes directly towards Malayas care! 💚 

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