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Tree of Hope help families to raise the funds that they need for their child’s medical treatment, equipment, therapies, home adaptations and operations which are not available on the NHS. By fundraising with Tree of Hope, you will be able to access our registered charity status, which opens many more avenues of fundraising than crowdfunding separately through sites such as GoFundMe.

Why choose Tree of Hope over individual crowdfunding?

  • You can fundraise for your child’s direct needs under the Tree of Hope charity umbrella.
  • You can claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK tax payers, which is an additional 25% and costs no extra for you or your donor
  • It will give donors reassurance that their money will be secured with a reputable charity, and that this money will only be spent on items that will have a medical benefit for that child
  • It can open you up to corporate funding – businesses will often only donate to campaigns which are supported by a charity
  • We can facilitate match funding, so your fundraiser is eligible for double the donations
  • We are able to help you with potential Trust and Foundation applications for specific grants
  • We will manage your supplier invoices and payments, including sending you regular statements
  • We can give you marketing resources, tools and tailored advice on how to best approach your fundraising
  • Ideas for fundraisers are given on a weekly basis
  • Our marketing team can offer you social media and PR support, to help get your story to new audiences
  • We are at the end of a call or email whenever you need advice, support or a chat

We work with families and their children across the UK and give them support with whatever they need. Our mission is to reach as many families as possible who might need our help, and we’re passionate about ensuring that families are given the tools that they need to get the most out of their fundraising.

Having a child with a serious illness or disability can be challenging, so we hope to take some of the stress out of your fundraising journey, to maximise your funding possibilities, and give you the peace of mind that someone is just at the other end of a call if you ever need our help. We want you to know that you’re not alone!

Contact our wonderful Family Support Team if this is something you’d like our help with. If you have any questions about the process, what you can use your funds on, or how we will support you, please do ask the team and we’ll endeavour to put your mind at ease!

Please call 01892 535525 or email

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