Zion Turner-Geohaghon

Zion is 2 years old and he was born 13 weeks premature. He has had 7 surgeries on his bowel and 2 surgeries to put in a central line in which allowed for him to receive TPN (Total Parental Nutrition ). This is a special type of nutrition  which goes straight into his veins and not into his stomach as at the time his intestines were not able to cope with milk due to parts of his bowel being removed. 

Zion has done amazing and has been able to come of TPN however he is still reliant on his feeding tube which goes into his stomach. This is only source of nutrition as he does not not eat due to having oral aversion. He has this due to the over load on his senses from having multiple surgeries and the trauma of having to have a breathing tube down his throat. 

Despite this Zion is a happy energetic child however he does not eat and we have made no progress with his eating. He now does not have any medical reason to have the feeding tube and he would be able to have it removed if he was able to eat. 

Our goal is to raise enough money to go to the feeding school in Austria as they would be able to teach him how to eat. The NHS does not provide this type of services unfortunately and Zion has already had speech and language therapy however this was unsuccessful. 

Myself and Zion would like to thank anyone that has taken the time out to read Zion’s story and has donated to the tree of hope to give Zion the opportunity to get the treatment he needs.

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