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Tree of Hope helps families fundraise for their children to receive operations, treatments and therapies not ordinarily available in the UK. You can support individual children to reach their campaign targets and make a real difference to their lives. Money specifically donated to a campaign is allocated to that child to meet their needs. Should these needs change then the funds will revert to Tree of Hope general funds to help other children who need our support.

As a donor, you will have peace of mind you are donating to a registered charity that fully supports the families with their campaigns. This gives you real reassurance, unlike individual crowdfunding campaigns where the money goes directly to individuals and are unregulated. Tree of Hope ensures that donations are managed in a tax efficient way and are distributed in accordance with campaign aims and in line with all charity commission guidance. This saves the families time and effort and allows them to focus on their fundraising.

Please call Tree of Hope on 01892 535525 to discuss any individual child’s campaign or to talk to us about how we can support you.

If you want to support a specific illness we can help you to identify children to donate to.

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