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World Cup 2018 Fundraising Ideas

It only happens once every four years, so why not kick off the World Cup 2018 with the opportunity to raise funds for Tree of Hope or for your chosen campaign?

Get friends, family, colleagues and the community involved with one of our five ideas to raise funds over this summer’s big sporting event.

1. Hold a sweepstake in the office – Put the name of each country playing in the World Cup in a hat, each employee pulls out a country and pays to play for an amount of your choice. The winner gets half the money raised, and send the other half to Tree of Hope.

2. Host your own World Cup match showing – Get the BBQ on, invite your friends, family and neighbours over and show the match on your big screen! Charge entry fees to all your attendees.

3. Shoot out the office – Pay a fiver to take a long lunch or leave the office early to watch World Cup games (Don’t forget to ask the boss first!).

4. Host your own World Cup – A tournament or just a one-off football match charging each player and spectator a small fee.

5. Run a competition – Penalty shootout, how many chocolate footballs in the jar, how many goals to be scored in the whole world cup. Offer a small monetary prize or donated gift.

Don’t forget to shout about your fundraising on social media and tag @treeofhopecc!

And when you’re done don’t forget to pay in all your fundraising either online or send via cheque to Salford House, Salford Terrace, 19-21 Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2RN.

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