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Tree of Hope Children’s Charity was founded in 1992 by Corinne Gardner and was born out of a desire to help children to raise funds for treatments and services not easily available from UK health services.

Corinne sadly passed away in June 2019 after a lifetime of passionate interest in helping families with severely ill or disabled children to raise funds for their children. It was paramount to her that the charity would be open to all that need this help.

Corinne was Life President of the Tree of Hope, living in Bexhill-on-Sea where the charity was first established.

As Tree of Hope evolved over the years we realised there were a lot more children out there who needed treatment and the demand for support was growing for services not ordinarily available through the NHS.

With every family and child having individual needs for treatment, therapy and services, Tree of Hope became the platform for families to fundraise for their specific goals.

Today we support over 700 families with their fundraising campaigns every year, providing a dedicated family support service, empowering families to help get their children the access the healthcare they need for a better quality of life and ensuring Corrine’s legacy and passion live on.


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