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“Without the assistance of Tree of Hope we would never have been able to reach our fundraising target. Now the family can sleep soundly in the knowledge that John Luke is completely safe in his  padded special needs Flores Bed.  Prior to receiving this bed John Luke would routinely injure himself by falling due to his epilepsy and neurological condition. The invaluable help with the promotion of our fundraiser and grant application assistance by Tree of Hope really got us to our target so quickly. We could not have done it without them!”

Lisa Faulkner, parent of John


“When we first found out the cost of an Innowalk machine for Austen we wondered how we would ever manage pay for such an expensive piece of equipment.  Many charities supporting these types of causes means test of some kind that meant we weren’t eligible for support. We found out about Tree of Hope who were really helpful and always pleased to answer our questions and we decided to give it a go and register with them. It was amazing how the campaign took off and having registered charity status really helped us as some friends were able to get their employers to match fund their fundraising. After thinking we wouldn’t raise the full amount we are now in a position where there is a small excess.  It is comforting to know that Tree of Hope will look after this money and keep it safe in trust until Austen needs it, so we don’t need to worry as much about future costs.”

Cherril Brooks-Peddi, parent of Austen


“Tree of hope have been an amazing organisation that have gone above and beyond to not only support my little girl Grace, but also so many other children. We have been doing numerous fundraising events and Tree of Hope have always been there for help and advice and how best to get the most out of our campaign, through social media, telephone communication or email, support is always on hand. We want to say thank you to Tree of Hope and know your work is always appreciated!”

Dale Beverton, parent of Grace Beverton


“Having the support of Tree of hope taking care of the payment processes, conversations with the suppliers, it takes the worry out of it for us. There were always people and companies that couldn’t give to us directly, but with Tree of Hope, we have more funding opportunities. Having the gift aid also makes such a difference and has meant we’ve been able to buy a specialised bed quicker for William than we ever imagined!”

Emma Goodson, parent of William Goodson


“Thank you, Tree of Hope, for all of your help, quick responses and support. You were supportive of our situation with Bella not getting any physiotherapy during lockdown and helped us from start to finish to organise her hydrotherapy pool. Within 2 weeks, we have a very happy girl!”

               Melonie De’Gregorio, parent of Bella De’Gregorio


“Tree of Hope made it possible for us to access specialist treatment that my daughter needed, but which wasn’t available on the NHS. Mim was tube fed for 2 and a half years, and we weren’t getting much help with teaching her to eat, until we found a ‘NoTube’ clinic run in the Netherlands. Through Tree of Hope and the help of friends & family, we were able to raise the £8,000 needed to attend the clinic for a fortnight, during which time Mim went from totally tube-fed to eating & drinking enough to sustain herself. Just over a year later, she is thriving and we’re enjoying family meals together, and we’re so grateful for Tree of Hope making that possible.”

Hannah Langley, parent of Miriam Langley


“Tree of Hope are there to help families like ours to raise much needed funds for something very important to them. In our case we felt strongly that our son deserved some independence and dreamed of buying him a power chair.The dream seemed out of reach, £10,000 is a huge amount of money, but with the kindness of family and friends we started to see it may just be possible. Tree of hope is wonderful as it helps families spread the word wider and to people who feel secure knowing we had a charity number. It’s also nice to know a small amount of funds raised helps others too.To everyone at Tree of hope, Thank you so much for advising us, supporting us and most of all for helping us to make Richie’s dream come true! His new power chair is fabulous!”

Jo Tanner, parent of Richie Tanner


“We have been members of the Tree of Hope family for nearly three now when we tentatively started our fundraising journey. Tristan was 4 at the time and we decided to raise £60,000 for him to have the SDR operation in America. My husband and I had fundraised in the past for different charities but the amount of money we needed for America was so huge, it was daunting, intimidating, and frankly baffling. We had no idea where to start. Tree of Hope guided us gently in the right direction of setting up a fundraising page on JustGiving, advised us on how much to set our target as, and suggested we contact other parents who had succeeded in raising the money. This latter advice proved invaluable, not just for the input they gave us on events but on the encouragement and friendship which resulted. Tree of Hope were there every step of the way to answer questions and reassure us. It was so easy for people to donate to Tristan’s cause, if we had done it ourselves with a community bank account I wonder if we would still be fundraising now. They also offered help in working with the press and handling newspaper releases & interviews.”

“Without their practical help we would never have made it to America. They handle all of the stress of invoices – paying them and handling enquiries about them – booking flights, booking hotels. Their relationships with so many suppliers made the trip, the operation and the extensive physiotherapy (plus the equipment needed for this physio) very very easy. The whole fundraising journey and the operation itself could have been so stressful, but with Tree of Hope it was simple and surprisingly enjoyable.It’s safe to say that without Tree of Hope’s input, Tristan would never have had his life-changing operation. Thank you so much!”

Kate Dawe, parent of Tristan Dawe

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