Walk With Olive

The first few minutes of Olive’s life were very scary. She wasn’t breathing and she was completely unresponsive. With intervention it seemed like she was on the right track,  but it soon became apparent that her condition was deteriorating and she was whisked away to NICU.

Within a short time she began having seizures and subsequent investigations determined that extensive brain trauma had occurred. She suffered from an HIE event that has set her on a path full of twists and turns, some big climbs and steep descents; she is very determined to walk it!

With every day Olive gets a little bit stronger, and her smile a little bit bigger. With a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy it’s really vital that she receives as much support as possible, and we hope you can join us in making that happen. Gaining access to a variety therapies will make so much difference to her life.

We’re asking you to walk with Olive as she makes on her journey towards strength and independence. 

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