Tyler's Brighter Future

Tyler Kenyon, was born with severe Periventricular Leukomalacia, Dandy Walker Syndrome & Cerebral Palsy, which means his has limited mobility, learning difficulties and needs full 24-hour care. 

A few years ago Tyler’s Occupational Therapist told his family that due to his mobility issues he would need a bedroom and wet room down stairs, providing him access to his basic needs.

Since this time Tyler's family have been applying to the local authorities for help to provide this for Tyler, however unfortunately have been told on numerous occasions over the years, that they are not able to access any funding for this.

Tyler is now 8, he still wears nappies at night and has to have a potty in the front room, as getting him up and downstairs quickly for the toilet is difficult for his Mum and Dad. He also can’t play on his own in his bedroom upstairs, because he needs to be supervised all the time.

The “Tyler’s Brighter Future” cause has been formed to help provide these basic needs for Tyler. Through a series of fun and local events we hope to raise enough money to finally provide Tyler with his downstairs bedroom, wet room and the tools for a "Brighter Future". x

This Charity will run with Tyler until his 25 birthday to enable him to access all the aids and products that will help Tyler to live more independently.

 Thank you xxx

How do Tyler’s conditions effect him? 

Dandy Walker Syndrome: 

At some point during pregnancy Tyler's cerebellum had a pre-term insult and stopped developing. 
Your cerebellum controls your speech and language, balance and co-ordination. The bottom half of Tyler has the most damage so this effects his core and his little legs and feet. His toes are clawed so as he stands his toes are under his feet. Tyler balance is terrible he has no Spatial awareness and very small peripheral vision. 

Cerebral Palsy: 

Tyler has increased tone in all his limbs which is due to the CP, that’s why he runs all the time and he finds it easier than walking. He has constant pain which goes hand in hand with the lack of sleep as he can’t relax because he's so stiff. Tyler also has severe development delay and distorted speech from the CP. 

Severe Periventricular Leukomalacia: 

Thinning of the corpus callosum: Brain damage from the lack of oxygen again coupled with the Cerebral Palsy and Dandy Walker Syndrome doesn't help his case. He is also Hyperactive and has slight Autism




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