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Supporting children and families during the pandemic and beyond

COVID-19 is something we are all having to learn to live with and adapt accordingly in so many ways. During the pandemic Tree of Hope has provided a lifeline to hundreds of families whose services have virtually disappeared for their children with additional needs and so needing to look for suitable alternatives.

Tree of Hope’s team has continued to provide it’s vital Family Support service and helping families provide equipment and alternative therapies to help ensure children continue their developments whilst spending time at home. We have even seen rehabilitation and physio Skype sessions which is a great benefit of having technology.

Our family’s needs sadly haven’t come to a halt, if anything their needs will only increase as the NHS comes under even more stress in the future than it currently is, so we’re proud that we help to relieve this burden by assisting families to fundraise to access provisions they need privately, by providing practical guidance and emotional support to help drive successful campaigns.

The need for families to keep their campaigns going has been and will continue to be challenging with the restrictions; but we have to be thankful for the opportunities that the digital world provides. We have been able to continue our marketing through social media and CRM, to let families know we are still providing our support, in a digital dynamic, as whilst fundraising events in communities have seen such a huge fall, there are still opportunities out there for families to make use of and the campaigns we have been running, have provided some positive opportunities and have helped connect isolated families to their loved ones, friends and communities.

PR support is a valuable tool we continue to offer to our families as well to get help get their campaigns exposure both in their local areas and also in national publications which also helps to spread stories of positivity which has been welcomed, especially at the moment.

Our latest newsletter provides further detail and insightful case studies and positive partnerships about our work during the pandemic and how we continue to assist and support our families and the difference that we make to their lives and well being.

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