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Tour de France for Alejandro

I am doing this for Alejandro.

So those of you that know me quite well (or at all) know that I do like to ride my bike a bit, and this is where this website and the charity come together. This year I’ve entered an event known collectively as L’Etape – which is French for ‘Stage’. In summary I’ll be riding 2 stages of the Tour de France (not on the same day as the race itself!) as an amateur, although the events are held on the exact same roads as the race, and the roads will be closed to traffic. Typically there will be 8000 odd riders on each stage, and it’s about as close to riding the Tour de France as possible for non professional cyclists.

The first stage will be on July 8th and goes from Albertville to Le Toussuire in the Alpes. The route details are here if you are interested:

So this is about 94 miles long, and the course takes in 4 mountain climbs.

Stage 2 is just 6 days later on the other side of France in the Pyrenees, and is an absolute monster at 140 miles long again with 4 mountain ascents:

Just for information, the Col du Tourmalet is the highest road in the Pyrenees, so this not going to be an easy day!

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