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The Bob Graham Round

So what is the Bob Graham Round (BG) I hear you ask?

The BG is one of the UKs toughest fell running challenges. It’s a 72 mile ultramarathon that includes climbing 42 of the highest mountains in the English Lake District with a total ascent of 8000m (almost the same height as Mt Everest!). That’s right not 3 peaks but 42!

The Challenge is to complete the circuit that starts and finishes in Keswick in under 24 hours. So that’s 72 miles, 42 mountains, 8000m of ascent and all in under 24 hours!

I have a great group of friends that will help keep me fed and watered and pacers that will take it in turns to run with me and keep me on track. This will be the hardest most challenging thing I have ever done and I am glad that I can use it to try and help Tree of hope support my nephew Aidan.

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