Team Connor - Connor's fundraising journey to get an Autism assistance dog

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. 

Connor's family, better known as 'Team Connor' are raising money on behalf of Connor to get him a specially trained autism assistance dog through 'Supporting Paws' and with help fundraising from the 'Tree of Hope'.

Connor was born in 2016. This gorgeous, little monkey grow up in his family home in Derby with mum Emily, and dad Jimmy.
Connor was diagnosed with autism in 2020. He is completely non-verbal. Getting him diagnosed was the first stepping stone for Connor in getting more support and understanding, but we still have a long way to go.
His autism contributes to him being unaware of the dangers around him, such as cars, water, etc. His parents are always on high alert when out-and-about and this is harder the older he gets. They rely on the car and pushchair to keep him safe. 
As well as dietary problems, pica (an eating disorder in which a person eats things not usually considered food), incontinence, sensory processing issues, a strict routine, stimming, sleep disturbance, meltdowns, social anxiety and most other things that come within an autism diagnosis. 

Family and school are there for Connor but he would be more safe, calm and have a non-verbal friend with an assistant dog. Connor loves all animals but especially dogs! 

Fast forward to August 2022...

Connor has been accepted and getting an assistance dog through a charity called 'Supporting Paws' and Jimmy and Emily are truly thankful and grateful.

We are raising these funds as Connor's parents work hard (Emily is Connor's carer) but don't have this kind of money. We realise this is a lot of money in a time people are struggling but we wouldn't ask if we didn't think this would change and hugely benefit Connor's life for the better. Please if you can support him, it would be greatly appreciated.

An assistance dog would change this family's lives and give Connor the much deserved friend, as he does not have any human friends or siblings. We have gone down the traditional routes into getting a dog but get denied because of Connor's autism.

*Update* June 2023, we'd like to welcome Rollo! He's officially Connor's assistance dog who will start training soon. We still need to raise ALL the money to make sure Rollo gets all the training he needs and so we can bring him home to be Connor's best friend. 

Thank you and please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see his dog journey progress @teamconnor16 Thank you for your support 💛


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