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Taking the plunge!

On Saturday 29th June 2013 I will be doing the UK’s highest bungee jump – 300foot! I am doing this to raise money for Tree of Hope to help an amazing little girl called Grace.

Grace was born at just 26 weeks and weighed 1lb 14oz. She spent 9 weeks in hospital in the neo-natal intensive care unit. During this time she suffered brain bleeds. This has left her with cerebral palsy. Sadly she can not walk, has zero mobility and suffers from painful muscle spasms. Her parents spend a lot of time doing physio with Grace to try and keep her as mobile as possible, stop her muscles growing incorrectly, trying to prevent surgery and generally trying to help make her life easier. Grace’s equipment she badly needs is not available on the NHS and is very expensive, hence the fact I am ‘taking the plunge’ to raise money for this amazing little girl.

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