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Superstars of the Day!

Over the past few months we have featured just a very small handfuls of Tree of Hope’s Superstars across our social media channels. All of our children are wonderful and incredibly brave, and our supporters go above and beyond to support Tree of Hope so that we can continue to support more and more children.

Take a look below at some our Superstars so far…

Amelie has cerebral palsy. This year she has undergone SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) surgery, a life changing operation that for Amelie would mean increased mobility in her legs and the chance to walk and stand independently. For years to come she will she will continue with lots of physiotherapy that will help her develop and reach her full potential.

Amelie’s amazing family and community raised an incredible £50,000 in just over 8 weeks to make this happen for Amelie!

Kallie has congenital heart disease and cerebral palsy. She has undergone various open heart surgeries and this year also had SDR surgery to help herbecome more mobile – just eight weeks after her operation she took her first steps!

Kallie loves to swim and one day dreams of being a Paralympic swimmer and with her determination we’re pretty sure she’ll get there!

Sufian has global development day, as well as a very rare and life limiting condition called bohring optiz syndrome. He loves to sing, mainly Twinkle Twinkle Little star and visiting the park is his favourite thing to do!

Sufian’s family are raising £5000 so that Sufian can have vital physiotherapy that will help him live the most fulfilling life possible.

Freya has cerebral palsy as well as two holes in her heart. Her family are raising £25,000 for vital therapy and equipment that will enable herto become more mobile.

Leon was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 15 months old. Since then he has worked so hard at physiotherapy to help himdevelop.

His amazing team of fundraisers and dedicated family have raised nearly £75,000 for vital therapy, equipment and life changing operation SDR that will one day enable him to walk!

Matthew caught meningococcal septicaemia at just five months old. It left Matthew with an acquired brain injury which means he has various learningdifficulties, speech, language and behavioural problems and sensory processing disorder. Matthew is a HUGE Manchester City fan and has been a mascot a long side many of heroes!

His family are raising £50,000 for vital equipment and house adaptations to give Matthew a safe sensory environment to help him develop.


Superstar of the day. Thomas pink

Thomas had SDR surgery back in September. He is now able to go to the park and ride his trike with all of his family and friends… and give his brother a race! He is now working extremely hard at physiotherapy to help him develop even more, and one day be able to walk independently. So far, his family have raised over £50,000 and have another £25,000 to go to ensure Thomas can have the physio he needs over the next few years

If you would like to be or would like to nominate someone to be our Superstar of the Day please contact Harriet on

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