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Super Logans fundraising

Hello and Thankyou for visiting Logans justgiving page.

Logan is my 4 year old super boy! He is as of yet undiagnosed and has Drs baffled as to his condition. He has problems with the muscles in his legs and arms which make doing everyday tasks that we take for granted very difficult for Logan.

He struggles with his walking and often ends up very tired and sore after short walks. He also has poor balance and falls.. a lot!! Things like using cutlery, drawing, dressing himself, etc.. are also struggles for Logan as he can't coordinate his hands very well.

The reason we have set up this page is to try and raise the rest of the money for Logans wheelchair (420 pounds) and to then continue fundraising to help pay for Logan to get some regular physiotherapy/gait training sessions to help him correct his walking and stretch those muscles as much as possible whilst he's still young enough for it to change his future and not end up with potential lasting damage.

In the past year and a bit that Logan has being seen by health professionals he has had in total 9 one hour long sessions of Physio therapy provided by the NHS which just isn't nearly enough to make a real difference to his life. Of course I would love to give him the best chance in life to be able to do things everybody else can, so our aim here is to raise enough so Logan can have regular weekly sessions and for us to be able to get him any other equipment he may need in the future to better his life.

I've set the target as £7,800 as that would be the approximate price of 1 Physio session a week and a gait training session every 2 weeks for a year.

The money is going to be held by the tree of hope charity who will be the ones who forward the money on to therapist or buying equipment.

Thankyou so much for reading!

Logans mummy! X

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