Shane Higgins

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My son Shane is 9 months old nearly 10 months, his head started going flat at around 3 months, he was referred to physiotherapy where they told me to do various exercises to ensure his neck would not stay stiff of which I did he has now full range of movement from left to right, however, his head is still flat and the only thing that will help with this is a corrective helmet, which is not funded via the NHS. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if his balance was not affected by his head being flat on one side and it wasn’t stopping him from sitting up/crawling he tries so so hard but it ends in tears and frustration as he’s heavier on one side and falls to the heavier side. 

He’s such a handsome, intelligent little lad and he deserves to stay on track with his development and grow up without anything like this making life harder he’s going to face challenges in life and if I can take this one away from him I will. 

Please find it in your heart to help one mothers entire world. 

My darling son Shane Donald Higgins ♥️

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