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Seb’s hero

Lynn Irving has recently completed a grueling climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the surgery needed to help Seb to walk.

Her effort has raised over £2,000 so far, part of which will be used to help Seb, who has Cerebral Palsy spastic diplegia and cannot stand or walk.

Lynn is a close friend of the family and when she heard that the surgery could transform his young life, she wanted to do all she could to help.

“My whole body ached and every day was so hard. I had Seb in my thoughts every step of the way pushing me on. When it got particularly tough, I would shed a tear and think of Seb to motivate me. He’s such an incredible little boy and I’m so proud of what he has already achieved. I can’t wait to see how SDR will transform his life and one day watch him walk with his twin brother.”

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