Samuel wheatley hunts sensory and equipment appeal


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Samuels has epilepsy and was diagnosed at 6 weeks old.Since then he has been on anti-convulcent muscle relaxants, which has reduced his muscle strength , and this has made Samuel floppy  unable to walk and support himself.He has  no head control and can not sit up, so he has to be in a special chair most of the time. He's unable to play without someone else doing the physical movement,and has to be fed by spoon because hes unable to do it for himself. He has got visual impairment, to what degree we do not know but he responds to lights, which is why we are appealing for help to get him the equipment to help him use what senses he's got and supportive special seating to reduce chest infections and give him a supportive and comfortable seating and give him the best quality of life we possibly can. By doing this for Samuel it will hopefully provide a huge opportunity to give him  the best chances in life and safe and secure equipment.

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