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Prestons play time

My son Preston was born with the debilitating condition's Leukodystrophy and Muscular distrophy. They are both genetic condition's that will get worse for him over time. They affect Preston's quality of life in many ways. He is unable to communicate, unable to walk and has lost the use of most of his muscles throughout his body, also struggling to maintain his own head control. He is prone to respiratory infections and is Peg fed. He has undergone spinal surgery and has spent a lot of his life in and out of hospital. Preston has been through so much. I am wanting to fund raise to create a safe play environment for him at home. I am currently under going a garden make over to make my garden safe and accessible for him. Preston benefits greatly from sensory stimulation and particularly enjoy's soft play. I have already purchased a wooden playhouse, which I am hoping to convert into a soft play area that is safe and comfortable for Preston to spend time in. As I'm sure you know this sort of equipment is expensive, costing around £2300. In June I will be doing a sponsored 10k run to raise invaluable funds for this special cause. If anyone could help by sponsoring me or making a donation of any amount, I would be extremely grateful. Preston is one special little boy and he totally deserves this play area. Thank you 

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