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A positive outcome for Tree of Hope children living with Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis Buyers Club

Tree of Hope have had the pleasure of working with an inspirational group of children and their families through our partnership with the CF Buyer’s club. Working with them to support fundraising, and access to treatments that were not available through the UK health system.

We are thrilled that their campaigning has enabled them to change this and that they no longer need to raise funds for the treatment itself. Funds raised with Tree of Hope can remain in a child’s campaign until they reach 25 years of age, or the funds are no longer required. They can be used only for the purpose of supporting health outcomes. Therefore, any funds will continue to support those individuals and within the remit of their health.

Some families have additional things they will be fundraising for, whilst others have indicated that they will no longer require the fundraising support offered through Tree of Hope and any funds remaining will be put towards the charities general funds to enable further work for those families that need support.

Lee Barnett from the charity says: ‘All our families are an inspiration, though our work with the CF Buyer’s club has had a particular impact on a personal level by working with a number of families all supporting their children with the same condition, for the same treatment; and at the same time. Their determination and resilience show’s that things really can change for the greater good’.

The Tree of Hope will continue to support Children with serious illnesses and disabilities across the UK and Ireland to be the best they can be through improved access to those things that can make a huge difference to their health outcomes. More information about the charity can be found at:


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