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All the money raised by Tree of Hope campaigns are donations to Tree of Hope and are used for its charitable purposes. Apart from a 7.5% contribution to cover the core running costs of the charity, the trustees designate the balance of all funds raised from a particular campaign to pay for treatment, therapy and equipment that will benefit the child. If for any reason the funds cannot be used for the child’s benefit, in particular if the child no longer meets the criteria of Tree of Hope’s charitable objects, or surplus funds are raised they will be transferred to the general funds of Tree of Hope.

What are the fundraising costs?

Here is an example:
If a donor gives £100 and Gift Aids it to Tree of Hope, the taxman adds £25 to the donation. If the donation comes through JustGiving, they deduct 5% to cover their running costs, and the bank processing the payment charges an average of 27p. Tree of Hope then allocates 7.5% of each donation to cover its core costs of managing and operating the charity. This means £109.10 is available to support your child (and the wider objects of Tree of Hope).

Please see the Parents Charter for more information.

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