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Sponsorship Form

When completing your sponsorship forms, please ensure that ALL donors claiming Gift Aid include all the details requested. Including FULL name and POSTCODE. Please also ensure you have ticked the Gift Aid box.

Please return hard copies of Sponsorship Forms to Salford House, Salford Terrace, 19-21 Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge, TN9 2RN

Please note, if the correct fields are not completed correctly we will be unable to process the Gift Aid.

Sponsorship Form

Gift Aid Form

When claiming Gift Aid on a single donation, given by cheque or banks transfer, this is the form you will need to fill in.

Important Message
When sending us your Gift Aid Declarations and Sponsorship Forms please ensure you tell us HOW you donated the money. This will allow us to match up your donation with the Gift Aid Form.

Why Claim Gift Aid?
Gift Aid gives an extra 25p in every £1 donated, by the government.

Gift Aid Declaration Form

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