Jade's wish to walk.

Hear is a little bit about myself. Hello and my name is Jade Eliabeth Owen, 17years old. I unfortunatley suffer from spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. I was promised an opertion in 2004 by my consultant I'm still waiting to this day. I have been informed that there is a chance that I may one day be able to walk if I have a special opertion in America, But it costs 50,000 pounds . My only dream is to walk and play with my friends but I feel quite lonely and segregated from other teenager's because of my disabilty. I try and stay happy and strong but inside I feel that no body cares and no body will ever help. My Mum and Dad do everything for me .i love them dearly.. Sometimes I think God has forsaken me even though I pray every night for some Angel to come along with a miracle to help me. My Mum and Dad keep telling me Don't give up your faith as one day it will all turn out okay. I have 2 brothers and sisters who I love dearly and help me as much as they can. I hope this story tells you a little bit about myself, I love music and singing drawing I just wish I could dance as well I have now had some really good news on Christmas eve that I have been Accepeted for SDR me and my family are going in September we're all really looking forward to it.Yours hopefully Jadee xxlast year we had a new property developed for my needs by wales and west housing association on siute wet room to aid me in bath time,.it is still very awkward to move round the house as it is 3 storeys high.dad still helps me going up stairs.hes my hero.i love him to bits.i also have a new electirc wheelchair which gives me a bit more independence,and go out with my friends.i love going out to places i wasnt able to with my old wheel chair .i still get stares off people and the odd remark about my disabilities ,but im just happy to be able to get around a little easier..it seems a long time ago my family started to fundraise but slowly we are getting closer to our target.i feel that i will never get to america but maybe a kind person will help me get my goal .thank you to all the people who have been kind enough to help or donate .god bless you all .will keep you updated how things are going .bye bye all .xxx.

If we do not raise or need the funds the money raised will help me to get better and fund other equipment thank you to everyone who has donated to my fund x

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