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The Medical Committee is a sub committee of the Tree of Hope Board which is authorised to carry out the following duties, seeking professional or other advice which it may consider necessary.

• Reviewing requests for new treatments and services through analysis of research available on the efficacy of the treatment or service. A decision regarding support for the treatment or service will be made by the Committee via email or conference call following a review of documentation/research available.
• Reviewing new illnesses or syndromes to ensure that any support offered by Tree of Hope is within our objects and appropriate.
• Reviewing the outcomes of a sample of treatments and services, ensuring that money has been spent according to the fundraised aims and that the treatment has had the desired effect.
• Reviewing a sample of historical cases (3+ years ago) to understand the longer term impact of services or treatments undertaken.

Our Medical Committee is Chaired by Alex Noble who is also a member of our Board of Trustees.

Alexandra is an Independent Consultant in the Financial Services sector, operating both in the UK and Internationally. Noble & Associates is an independent advisory business, undertaking Marketing, Management and Investment Consultancy work in the Insurance, Pension Fund, Asset Management and Charity sectors. She is particularly interested in medical and children’s issues, is a Trustee of the Foundation of Nursing Studies and was for several years an external advisor to the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. Alexandra has been extensively involved with charities for many years and has worked with CEO Gill Gibb previously at the Charity Employees Benevolent Fund

Other Committee members include:

Kevin Werry, Chair of Trustees

Caren Nurcombe- Thorne GP at The Parks Medical Practice, Rochester

Dr Laura Smith – Research Fellow (NEuRoMS) Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, School of Medicine


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