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Scoliosis SOS

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Scoliosis SOS is the UK’s only non-surgical treatment clinic for scoliosis, hyper kyphosis and other spinal conditions. We have treated over 2000 patients of all ages over the last 11 years, helping children and adults to avoid the need for spinal surgery and improve their quality of life.

Our treatment, the ScolioGold Method is a combination of various different methods and techniques from all over the world brought together to achieve the best results possible. These results include reducing the Cobb angle, improving cosmetic appearance, decreasing pain, preventing progression, de-rotating the ribcage/ spine and increasing lung capacity.

We offer an outstanding personalised treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs and ability. We pride ourselves on taking time, care and attention to ensure every patient feels that they are special.

A patient’s quality of life can be dramatically improved by just a few simple exercises, not only do we help patients to continue with their hobbies but they are able to fulfil their dreams and avoid surgical intervention, the effects of which can be quite traumatic both physically and psychologically.

A child’s life can be destroyed if scoliosis or hyper kyphosis is not treated properly. It can lead to a number of serious health complications along with loss of confidence, self-esteem and loss of self-worth. Our treatment programme puts children back in control of their condition and teaches them how to manage their symptoms from the comfort of their own home.

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