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London Orthotics Company

The London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC) is a private clinic that provides bespoke orthotic treatments for a wide range of adult and paediatric conditions. It was founded by four specialist clinicians who worked for a London hospital where they ran the Orthotic department which was highly regarded as an international centre of excellence in the field of Orthotics and Rehabilitation. The clinic in Kingston-upon-Thames opened in 2005.

LOC provides a comprehensive bespoke orthotic service for both children and adults and treats a wide range of child and adult medical conditions. Since 2008 we have held a weekly clinic at The Children’s Trust specialist centre in Tadworth .This provides the UK’s largest residential rehabilitation service for children with acquired brain injury.

SDR Rehabilitation

In the last couple of years LOC has gained a reputation in the SDR community for its treatment and management of patients who have undergone this ground breaking surgery. A few hospitals in the UK, including The Portland Hospital, are now offering this surgical treatment and LOC has provided the bespoke AFOs for the first two of its patients. Bespoke Orthotics play a vital role in the rehab process for children following surgery as the child is really learning to walk properly for the first time and the prescribed orthotics need to balance the need to support weak musculature while maximising function and encouraging movement.

The Gait Laboratory

In January 2015 LOC opened its Video Vector Gait Laboratory at its headquarter clinic in Kingston, this uses sophisticated cameras that synchronise with a force measurement plate. The plate measures the force being applied to it during walking. Analysis of the resulting measurements allows our clinicians to optimise the accuracy of our orthotic prescriptions for lower limb orthotics.

The image on the left shows an incorrectly positioned vector anterior to the knee which is causing a hyperextension force on the knee. The shank is aligned too vertically at this phase of the gait cycle (89.8degrees).

After fitting with an Ankle Foot Orthotic(AFO) vector is now correctly aligned in relation to the foot, knee and hip as shown in the image on the right. The AFO has brought the lower limb into correct alignment and at midstance the shank is now correctly positioned at 10 degrees to the vertical.

The Elaine Owen Clinic

In addition LOC runs a monthly clinic in conjunction with the world renowned physiotherapist Elaine Owen MBE MSc SRP MCSP. Elaine has spent her life working with children with movement disorders. One of her many achievements has been to develop a comprehensive clinical method of assessment, prescription and fine tuning of lower limb orthoses. Her methods are now the gold standard for designing, aligning and fine tuning lower limb orthoses.

LOC manufactures the majority of orthoses it prescribes and fits itself. The primary advantage is quality control. The direct involvement of the clinician in the process means that quite subtle design requirements can be incorporated into the manufacturing process. This makes all the difference in terms of fit and comfort.

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