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ABA Horizons

Our professionals provide autism therapy programmes based on the proven effectiveness of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) because we see the good that it does for children on the spectrum.

Our professionals are hand selected to be passionate about the work that they do with children as they will work one-on-one to help them develop and progress through their learning journey.

We have worked with early behavioural intervention so autistic children may thrive and reach their full potential. We continue to serve children on the autism spectrum to enrich their lives and to inspire their hidden talents with new discoveries.

We bring the highest care, respect, and patience when working with children and their families.

Through our individualised ABA programmes, your child will learn to navigate the complexities of the world that surrounds them and be better equipped to take on real-world challenges.

ABA Horizons offers Telehealth ABA programmes, Direct ABA services and supervision, and parent training.

To request a consultation with us at ABA Horizons, contact us at or 07789 414817.



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