One Small Step For Dan

A quick update.

Our fundraising efforts last year were successful!  We funded the shortfall ourselves, and Dan's operation for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) was carried out successfully on 31st July 2014, at St Louis Children Hospital, Missouri in USA.   

Daniel is now able to stand, both feet firmly planted (with splints) and support his own weight, holding on to a firm surface.  As for walking, it is a slow process, but he is getting the idea, and is even asking to "go walking there" to get a particular toy.

Dan has an amazing private physiotherapist, Robyn Ingham, who is clued up on post SDR treatments, and they share an amazing bond.  Dan actually now has leg muscles! 

We could not be happier or luckier.

Alice and Daniel will be starting school in September, and negotiations are taking place to ensure he gets the proper therapies through his Education Health Care Plan.

We are incredibly grateful for the donations made.  We could not have done it without your help.  It has restored my faith in humanity - perfect strangers were willing to part with their money to help a child they'd never met, words of encouragement to me when I was crumbling, and the isolation has been made bearable knowing there are kind souls out there.  

Really.  Thank you.

If you wish, you can text: 70070, type: DCTH55 and the amount you wish to donate.  Thank you

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