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One Small Step for Harry

“He is without doubt our superhero.” Jenny, Harry’s mother

Five year old Harry is a daredevil, a fighter and a superhero all in one. He endured life-saving bowel surgery at just one day old and had countless sepsis infections whilst in NICU. Unfortunately, Harry suffered from a brain injury called periventricular leukomalacia which has manifested as spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, meaning Harry’s movements are affected, particularly in his legs leaving him currently unable to stand or walk unaided.

Harry loves rugby, Strictly Come Dancing and doing P.E at school – his dream is to take independent first steps and maybe one day succeed in scoring a try!

Harry’s family came to Tree of Hope to raise £60,000 for a life changing operation called SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) that would enable Harry to become more mobile and make his dreams come true! Alongside the operation Harry will need intensive physiotherapy at Footstep Centre, somewhere where he already goes to help him develop.

Fundraising is in full swing for Harry’s campaign, just this month a dog show was held in Northampton in aid of Harry which a local mum had organised as a fundraiser for the campaign.

At the beginning of summer, the biggest fundraiser yet was held! Harry’s uncle Kevin and seven of his work colleagues set off on a mammoth challenge, cycling from London to Paris that raised over £6000 for the campaign.

“We were overwhelmed by the donations received. They really enjoyed doing it. It was a personal challenge for them. One team member called Paul nephew had SDR surgery over a year ago so it was very close to his heart. The surgery has completely changed his nephew’s life for the better. We have no doubt that Harry’s life will be changed for the better too!” explained Jenny, Harry’s mother.

Everyone takes a different approach with their fundraising campaign, and each campaigns success is down to their individual approaches and making use of the people and resources around them. “The key success to our fundraising so far has definitely been using social media such as Facebook to make people aware of our fundraising plight. Local media such as the local newspaper & news channel have also really supported us by featuring Harry’s story. Harry enjoys being a little local celebrity! He was even recognised last month on holiday in Cyprus!” explained Jenny.

Tree of Hope support over 850 seriously ill and disabled children and their families each year to obtain the specialist medical treatment, therapy and equipment they need to transform their lives. We provide each family with a campaign platform and support a long their whole fundraising journey with trust and foundations applications, Gift Aid Claims, invoice payments, event advice plus social media advice and more. “Tree of Hope has provided so much help & support. Staff have a wealth of knowledge about fundraising ideas & the encouragement they provide to our family is just fantastic. Using Tree of Hope’s trusted brand has provided an awful lot of peace of mind to supporters & sponsors knowing that their funds are going to a genuine cause. I genuinely believe that we wouldn’t have raised half the amount of Harry’s funds without them.” Says Jenny.

With their fundraising on going, the hopes of Harry’s operation is getting closer. “Harry is getting excited about the prospect of having his SDR surgery and having more independence which he absolutely craves. Harry is a very happy, intelligent boy attending mainstream school & his greatest wish is to play with his friends without restraints. Harry is an absolute daredevil loving slides (the bigger the better!) roller coasters, swing & the likes. Hopefully one day he can climb the slide himself. He loves dancing and dances brilliantly whilst balancing on his knees. He also loves football & rugby where he promises one day to score a try. This little boy will not be beaten by his disability which is simply amazing to see. He is without doubt our superhero.”

You can read more of Harry’s story and support him here.

If you are thinking about fundraising to obtain specialist medical treatment, therapy and equipment that is unavailable via the UK healthcare system please get in touch with Georgie or Lee in our Family Support Team on 01892 535525 or via


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