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Nottingham to London Bike Ride

I have now set a date May 5th, and I also have a link to a page on which I register my training and bike rides.

A few years ago I was laid off from my job in construction, I then had to sell my car, so I opted for a bike. At first it was hard as i was not as fit as i used to be I used to run alot but then just stopped. As a result of being laid off I thought i am now not going to be beaten in anything I do and set out with a few pesonnal challenges and one of them being this. This idea came about last year and although it was a thing I had set my self I thought what do I do when i have done it. That’s it all over, so I was looking for a charity and then Tree of Hope Children’s Charity popped up on my radar. I have been looking at them over the past few weeks and what they do for children is amazing.

The route I will be using is both on and off road and is a distance of 133.5 miles and that is to Piccadilly Circus. I hope to do it in one day over 12-15 hours. This does seem excessive but if done at the right pace and fitness it is dooable.

Please, please give to this charity. £1, £2, anything, the sum soon builds up. If you are a facebook user viewing this, send this to your friends get them to send it to their friends. I will do this I am training for it, and when I say I am going to do something I do it, even if I have to crawl the final few miles.

The day yet is not set, I am obsessed with weather watch it all the time, it will be towards April, May time, it has to be lighter for longer warm but not baking and that’s when I will set out but I will post the date here, I also have an online tracker page to show when I am training and when I am out on the bike. I am trying to get this so everyone can view it, soon.


Thank you for reading this and thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.
Antony Gough-Martin

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