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News on Tom

I couldn’t be more grateful for the funding you have provided, as, without a doubt, Tom continues to improve with Linda Scotson’s massage therapy.

Tom is 8 years old now and is able to keep his head above water at the local state primary school he attends. I wasn’t sure he would, but the small changes that the therapy has brought about mean he can just about keep up. His fine motor skills and grip have improved greatly and he is now able to use joined-up writing, something we didn’t think would ever be possible. When children reach this benchmark at Tom’s school they are given a pen instead of a pencil to write with. The rest of Tom’s class achieved this a year or more ago. Tom got his pen last week and he’s very proud about that. Tom’s coordination is also much better and he is far less accident prone. He moves his body with more confidence and is able to jump and land on his feet – rather than collapse on the ground. As a result of these changes he is more
confident and that has had a very positive effect on his social life. He has made some good friends at school and is no longer bullied.

Tom still faces challenges. His muscle laxity or low muscle tone means he has to put 60% more effort into everything he does, and as a consequence has less stamina and gets tired far sooner than other children.This affects all physical exercise he has to do at school as well as just being able to sit up straight in class, which then affects his energy levels and ability to pay attention. Tom’s low muscle tone is linked to his sensory dysfunction. Occupational therapy and physiotherapy have not helped him in the past. Linda Scotson is confident that her massage therapy can bring about a change in the sensory messages to the brain through the better functioning of Tom’s respiratory system, so this is what I hope the massage will continue to address.

Thank you so much for the support you’ve given him and us as a family.

Best wishes


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