Mikhail's Mission

Hi Everyone!

My name is Mikhail and I am a surviving identical twin. I am 10 years old and have severe quadraplegia Cerebral Palsy (CP), Global Developmental Delay and cortical vision impairment.    

My twin brother Zakariyah, died in utero. I fought against all odds to survive twin to twin transfusion. Doctors told my parents "Your child will never smile" and that I will be in a vegetative state my whole life. This has been proven wrong, all praises to God as I strive to battle each day. 

I need 24 hours care, a wheelchair user and am dependent on adults for all my needs. My muscles are very tight, that can cause severe pain and discomfort. I have severe scoliosis which means my spine is curved and without treatment and therapy this can impact my internal organs. My hip has migrated out of the socket, and to improve my prognosis I need consistent and continuous therapy to turn my life around.

I need specialised equipment and therapies that the NHS cannot provide, to protect my body shape from deteriorating further and to avoid surgery on my hip and spine. I really need ongoing specialised physiotherapy.  There are also many treatments and equipment that would help me to develop further and allow me to enjoy life to the full. As I grow it could become harder. If I continue to have treatment my quality of life can improve.

My mum and dad are setting this page up for me, so I can get help with the therapy I really need. They are raising funds for me through the Tree of Hope charity.  Currently, I need to spend £600 monthly on treatment and therapy.

I was born with both right and left hemispheres globally injured. Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is a term that refers to the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. The brain can find new pathways to learn, and there are many treatments that can help my brain change itself.

Through bio-resonance treatment, I actually spoke meaningful words, which was amazing as witnessed by my family and carers. In order to regain this development I would benefit from further treatment. I would love to communicate and be understood through meaningful language. It could change my whole life so dramatically if I could speak.

My mum and dad are looking into new and innovative equipment and treatments to help treat my deteriorating condition. This includes equipment which works at the cellular level using bio resonance therapy. For more information please go to website 


Please follow the updates for more current information
on treatments and how it is all going and help me to 
succeed and maximise my potential as I continue to 
defy the poor prognosis made for me.  

You can follow my journey via our facebook page -Mikhail's Mission. Our next event is the annual sponsored walk in September 2019.We also plan to include the marathon distance at the event too! 

Please get in touch to register your interest through facebook.

You can really help me achieve all that I am able, any support will have a huge impact on my well-being.

Lots of love and prayers, 

Mikhail x

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