Mia Mays Movement

Mia was born on 31st July 2014 and is now 8 years old, Mia was born through a completely normal pregnancy and at about 10 months old was diagnosed with a severe visual impairment. (Blind) at first this was though to be her only condition and although she would be behind on her development she would eventually get to where children would be of her age just at her own pace Unfortunately this is not the case and after a number of MRI scans at Great Ormond Street Mia's brain is not developing as it should be and as i write this today Mia at the age of 7 cant hold her body weight sitting up un supported or crawl or walk. However Mia is slowly getting stronger and starting to weight bare on her legs but this will not improve unless she gets the Physio and support she needs. Mia just last year had to have a 9 hour operation at the Evelina hospital in london to help strengthen both her hip joints where the muscle is not developing. This combined with her not also being able to talk and getting bigger all the time is starting to become a real challenge for us as a family.

Now this is where we are requesting your help and support, NHS Physiotherapy is incredibly limited so much so we get maybe 3 blocks a year if that and this will not fulfil Mia's dream to be able to move. I had taken out private medical care for Mia to fund her private physio and hydro however as they are linking her condition to Genetics they will not cover anything for her, So that leaves us to have to pay for Mia to have private Physio and Hydro out of our own pockets which is not cheap nor is it local so we need help in raising money in order to have this much needed therapy for her. So we would welcome any donations, fundraising or events people want to run in order for us to be able to help support Mia on her journey to fulfil her dreams of being able to walk and be on her own feet like any child wants to be of this age. and any parent of a child of this age wants.

We all love Mia very much and one of my personal goals and things i dream of seeing is her one day being able to walk out as a mascot at my football club Maidstone United one day as well as be able to move around as a normal child. This money could help change Mia's life forever and you really would be helping to give Mia what she wants and needs.

Thank you for reading this story and we truly thank you for any donations you make as it will mean the world to Mia in the long run and help the family with equipment and therapy for a long time to come.

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