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How do I apply for help with equipment?

Tree of Hope can support you in fundraising for specialist medical equipment that your child needs. The UK Healthcare system cannot always provide the advanced medical equipment that your child may require, which is why Tree of Hope is here to help. We can assist you in getting your child the best equipment for their needs.

Fundraising for a specific piece of equipment may be your whole fundraising goal, or it might be the one part of a larger target. There are no strict boundaries for the equipment you can fundraise for if your child has a disability or condition. This page outlines some of the medical equipment which we regularly help children and their families access.


We realise that it can be a challenge finding the right wheelchair for your child that is of the right quality to support your child. Whether your child needs a specialist power chair to encourage independence, an all-terrain chair to access the beach or countryside, or you simply need to upgrade your current chair, Tree of Hope can assist you when it comes to raising the funds effectively for your child’s needs.


Every child’s needs are different, and often children benefit hugely from using a trike as a form of therapy. Trikes allow children to join in the fun with friends and family whilst out and about and at Tree of Hope, we recognise just how important this is. We support families like yours in fundraising for specialist trikes from a whole host of suppliers such as Quest 88 and Tomcat, which are specially adapted to suit your child’s abilities, needs and size.

Hydrotherapy Pools

Hydrotherapy is a popular type of therapy that we enable children to access and is often much more cost effective and beneficial to the child to have regular sessions at a hydropool. 

If you are looking to fundraise for medical equipment, Tree of Hope will start by getting you to fill in this short form and a member of our friendly and helpful team will get in touch to discuss your enquiry. Should you have any questions prior to this, our friendly and helpful team are on hand to contact between 9-5pm Monday to Friday on  01892 535525, so give us a call today!


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