Maximus was born prematurely at 31 weeks not breathing and was in Colchester neonatal unit for 3 weeks, the care he received was tremendous but unfortunately Maximus contracted multiple infections which spread to his brain and damaged the white matter causing Cerebral Palsy Diplegia, this now affects the movement of his legs and his balance so Max is unable to walk without assistance. At 3 Maximus was  taken under the care of Great Ormond Street where he was assessed for a pioneering new treatment called SDR. 2 days before his 3rd birthday we received the amazing news that the NHS agreed to fund the operation but due to post code lottery the intensive physio aftercare is down to us 

Maximus attends physio at Mini Wonders Ltd, where Neil is his best friend and physio.

We are hoping to get Maximus as much support as possible to enable him to lead an independent life and be able to walk unaided.

Thank you very much for your support. xxx

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