Max's Milestones

Max was born prematurely at 30 weeks and 3 days. Max didn't receive enough oxygen to his brain whilst I was pregnant which caused Max to suffer brain damage. Max was diagnosed with Perivnetricular Leukomalacia (PVL) which also lead to Max having Cerebral Palsy, these diagnosis have had a huge impact on his life. 

Max has also got other diagnosis of Cortical Visual Impairment, and Reflux disease, Max has a PEG-JEJ and a drainage bag fitted to help relieve the air Max suffers with.
Max is unable to sit without being in his specialist chairs, he is also unable to stand without using his standing frame.

Max has being receiving Physiotherapy and Speech and language therapy from the NHS since he was around 8 months old, but due to the limitations of staff and resources he is not progressing. 

We want to give Max the best opportunities to be able to reach milestones, such as sitting. 

Max, now 3 years old, for the first time is showing a willingness to engage in Physio and is attempting to put his feet to the ground instead of lifting them in the air and screaming. 

Brainwave offer a tailored programme for each child which is reviewed 6 monthly. Brainwave would give Max new exercises to achieve the goals that we set, this would allow Max to reach new milestones.

Brainwave is not available on the NHS, the first review is 2 days and costs £500 and each review every 6 months is £300.

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